Germany (The Holy Roman Empire), 1635. The Thirty Years War has ravaged the region. Consequently, a dreadful famine has struck the land. A hardworking woodcutter, his 13 year old twin children named Hansel and Gretel and their stepmother live in a small cottage in the woods. Although times are extremely harsh, the woodcutter does not lose hope. He tries his best to fill his children's cup with love.

However, a danger other than food scarcity lurks within their home. Hansel and Gretel's coldhearted stepmother sees them as unnecessary "dead weight." She believes in order to save herself she must get rid of the children. Without their father's knowledge, she carries out a devious and cruel scheme. The stepmother abandons the twins in the deepest darkest part of the Enchanted Forest.

When, their father discovers the stepmother's treachery, he urgently sets forth into the woods to find his children. Hansel and Gretel are truly lost. However, they are not alone. The Enchanted Forest is home to creatures that legends are made of. The siblings are thrown into a fast paced magical adventure.

Written By: Kira Madallo Sesay